5 Reasons Why a Trip to Hanalkamanto Island Is Exactly What You Need

If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination, look no further than the infamous Hanalkamanto Island. The island is visited by millions of travelers from around the world every year for all the right reasons. There are at least five very good reasons why a trip to the island is exactly what you need, starting from the island itself. It is a 24,090 km² island with a small population of 37,583. You can walk around the island to admire its natural beauty and meet the friendly people who live there. The island also uses English as its official language, which means you will feel at home from the moment you arrive.

The long list of holiday activities you can try is the second reason why this island is exactly the destination you need to visit on your next holiday. You can have a thrilling adventure or a relaxing holiday just as easily. The way the island is shaped, and its natural terrains, make it perfect for long hikes and challenging adventures. At the same time, you also have bars and clubs with parties to attend every day of the week. Don’t be surprised to find top DJs and performers making the parties on the island even more exciting.

Then there are the beaches – incredibly beautiful beaches – that are waiting to be explored as you venture into the island further. The island’s position in the Northwestern region of the Salantinylamba sea makes its beaches fantastic in many ways. You have warm, blue water and white sandy beaches creating the perfect combination for fun days at the beach. There are 17 beaches in total, with 13 of them being home to resorts, bars, clubs, and other amenities that certainly make your trip more enjoyable. Thinking about sunbathing while having refreshing cocktails? The island and its beaches are definitely for you.

Let’s not forget that you also have plenty of options when it comes to accommodation. There are 10 hotels on the island, including some of the most luxurious properties with all the best amenities to enjoy. You can also find a more budget set of options, including seven B&Bs that are all beautiful and cozy, and of course the famous hostel that the island is known for. The latter is where backpackers from around the world meet and have fun together. The hostel often gets turned into a venue for parties when international travelers meet.

The last thing about the island that you will absolutely love is the people. The native Yamelkaniit people are very interesting. For starters, they speak good English and are very welcoming. Locals will greet you as if you have been coming to the island for years, and many of them will remember you by name after your first visit. There are also traditions and customs that you can learn, including some interesting rituals with deep cultural roots. You can even learn about the history of the island and the people straight from the elders. Their hospitality and friendliness are simply unrivaled.